Giving to the Ministry

First off: Giving is not about money. It is about stewarding those gifts with which God has entrusted you. You do this through your "vocations", meaning the roles into which God has placed you: spouse, parent, child, sibling, employer, employee, pastor, parishioner, et cetera. While money is a gift, it certainly isn't the only gift God has given you. And you can use those gifts to serve others just as much as money. Please talk to our Pastor or other leaders in the congregation about how you can use your gifts to serve.

We also give money to support the ministry as it is a unique gift in its flexibility. It supports our pastor, who we have called to bring God's Word to us and shepherd ("pastor" just means "shepherd") this congregation. It also supports the building in which we worship, and especially supports those in need in our community.

Below are several mechanisms by which you can give monetarily.

Offering plate

Need it be said? One of the primary ways we give is in the unique setting of the divine service!

Mail a cheque

Feel free to make out a cheque to "Divinity Lutheran Church" and mail it to 1655 E. Cottage Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55106.

Bill Pay

Many banks will automate the process of sending us a cheque. Ask your bank about automatic bill pay.


We have a non-profit PayPal account set up. Feel free to donate there (you don't need a PayPal account, you can just use a credit card):